Join the QDN 

Do you develop and sale the 2D or 3D programs on AutoCAD?

Do you develop programs to support your graphic engine?

Do you want to reduce costs and publish your CAD applications to the world?

If you have had these experience above, you must join the QDN ("QuickCAD Developer Network") Technology League!

This service center is the only place where you can get the information, technical support, and development environment to port or
develop your plugins to run with QuickCAD.

Programming language support:

Lisp/DCL, C (FDT/ADS), C++ (DRX/ARX), ActiveX, Delphi, COM, .net(C#), VSTA

Our goal is to achieve high-value CAD solution for the customers around the world.
QDN mmebers can get QuickCAD API, and has the publish authorization on QuickCAD App Store.
Members can enjoy QuickCAD technical support, and use QuickCAD development tools.

If you are looking for support of QuickCAD,
please do not hestitate to contact us to get a third-party businees Contract.

Contact Information

TEL: 07- 322 8325

FAX:07- 322 8363

If QuickCAD can help your business for your company, please contact us for more information.


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If you have any question or need any technical help, please visit our QuickCAD college web page.
Several professional enginner will be glad to answer your questions.
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