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Authorization Statements


            Each Application tool and product you have download from the ("Design App Store") can only be used on one computer and the same platform.

The operating mode of QuickCAD Cloud version operating mode is like the operating mode of Windows that comes with the computer you bought 
the computer doesn't work anymore, the serial number of the same operating system can not be used on other computers).

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you install QuickCAD on the most commonly used and the newest computer.

            In the period of using QuickCAD, if there is any replacement of computer hardware, make sure to contact us immediately so that we can re-license the new ID for you.

 To assure your rights, before ordering the software, please make sure you have fully understand the service of "Design App Store" and all precautions.

Should you have any questions, please contact us immediately!


TEL: 07- 322 8325

FAX:07- 322 8363

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